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Community Gatherings

Communities encompass the physical, mental, and spiritual realms yet there remains the unrivaled energy of many people gathering in one place. When this happens, the possibilities for change and growth are limitless. Great ideas, healing networks, and new friendships emerge when the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos assembles together.

It is at these meetings that the Community Mass will be celebrated, Brothers and Sisters will make their solemn professions, take their monastic vows, receive the laying on of hands for Holy Orders, and seek the blessing of and instruction from, the Abbot.


Community involves a sense of belonging. Simply by meeting regularly we develop a sense of community with each other. Sharing a common commitment to what's best, to divine guidance, and to loving, healing, and empowering each other creates a further sense of belonging as we share these meaningful intentions in our lives. When we regularly invoke these commitments as a group and on our own, we further strengthen our bond. And when we open to the support of all of our community members, wherever they may be, there is a sense of belonging to and contributing to something even greater.


To view pictures of previous gatherings, as well as other pictures of our friends and family, please check out our three Photo Gallery Pages located in the drop down box below our Photo Alum page.


Inspiration gives us hope for the future and motivation to be the best we can be.

Through sharing inspirational stories, especially from our own lives, we can inspire each other to make positive changes both in our own lives and in the world around us.