The Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. However, it is important to note that we hold fast to that which has been believed everywhere, always, and by all the Faithful. We adhere to the ancient Catholic faith and the constitutions of the ancient Church. So, what is our relationship with the Roman Catholic Church? To answer this question more specifically, please refer to our page entitled, "Old Catholicism".

The Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos - "Benedictines of Mary, Old Catholic Marianists" DOES NOT assume any LEGAL responsibility for its members. Neither the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos nor the individual member is an agent for or of the other. However, each member remains in communion with the Community. If an investigation finds serious violations of ethics, morals, and values have indeed been committed certain sanctions can and may be applied, up to and including removal and or revocation of the member's faculties and membership in the Community. Dismissal automatically abolishes Religious Vows thereby returning the Brother/Sister to the secular state. Mindful of our responsibility to the Church and to the Community, the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos will, after examination and prayerful consideration, admit only those candidates who exhibit the character and maturity necessary for entering the Religious Life. The Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos reserves the right to refuse membership to those who it determines should not be members for legitimate reasons.

The Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos is a religious organization with the goal to provide spiritual frameworks for individuals to grow in the service and worship of Almighty God no other goals or proposals are suggested, offered or implied. No legal obligation on the part of the Order, the jurisdiction, or the applicant or member is established through application or profession.


Ave Maria Theological Seminary is not accredited, and has no plans to pursue any type of accreditation for several particular reasons. Ave Maria Theological Seminary is an unaccredited private Christian Seminary which for various reasons has chosen not to affiliate with a regional or other professional accrediting agency because the qualifications and standards of such accrediting agencies run counter to the convictions and purposes of Christian schools and because the external interference with internal policies by organizations or agencies with different goals and purposes than the Christian university, college, or seminary have proven to be non-productive.

Ave Maria Theological Seminary is not accredited by any accreditation organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or Council on Higher Education Accreditation. The Seminary has declared itself to be "a primarily religious institution" that will not seek either regional or national accreditation by a secular accrediting agency.

The Seminary is approved by and chartered through the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos as a self-governing religious organization (community) and independent autocephalous jurisdiction of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos Archbishop-Abbot, in conjunction with the Vocations/Formation Committee (Ordination Review Board) authorizes Ave Maria Theological Seminary to issue Theological Degrees to those students whom the Faculty and Dean of Academic Affairs have approved and recommended.

Ave Maria Theological Seminary is a "religious exempt" unaccredited theologically conservative Christian Seminary founded in 2010, offering distant learning (education) to train clergy for the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos. It is set up so men, married or single, called to the permanent diaconate or priesthood in the Old Catholic heritage and tradition, may prepare for ministry without leaving his home, employment, or local church.  

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We are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, but welcome its members to join us. We do not seek to draw anyone away from their faith of origin, but work with all faiths to Seek God.


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