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2023 O.SS.T. Synod of Bishops

In gratitude to Almighty God the Bishops of the Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos “Benedictines of Mary, Old Catholic Marianists” met in Synod during the weekend of 19–21 May 2023 in Fayetteville, Georgia. O.SS.T. is a self-governing religious community and autocephalous jurisdiction of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church rooted in the Old Catholic faith tradition.

A synod of bishops, in its most basic sense, is a way for bishops to come together to deliberate on matters of shared concern. Represented at this years Synod, and pictured from left to right was the Very Reverend Monsignor Harold Ellis West, O.SS.T. (Florida), the Most Reverend Doctor Russell Dean Lee, O.SS.T. (California), the Most Reverend Doctor Robert Francis Jangro, O.SS.T. (Georgia), and the Most Reverend Doctor Floyd Lee Covey, Sr., O.SS.T. (Tennessee).

Director of Outreach Programs and Ministries

The Very Reverend Monsignor Harold Ellis West, O.SS.T. has been appointed to the newly created position of Director of Outreach Programs and Ministries.

The spiritual discipline of the Order has many components. A commitment to a life of prayer, fasting, sacrifice, and regularly partaking of the Eucharist as well as maintaining fellowship with the other Brothers and Sisters of the Order. Equally important is to follow our Lord's command to “go into all the world”. To be a minister is not an action that is demanded only of the ordained clergy, but to all who follow Christ.

The Director of Outreach Programs and Ministries will work closely with the Director of Vocations and Formation, and will assume responsibility for working with prospective members in determining their calling and assisting them in finding places to serve.

Congratulations Msgr. "Hal"

A Message from Our Presiding Archbishop-Abbot

Order of the Most Holy Mary Theotokos (O.SS.T.)

“A Monastery without Walls”

There is a part of each of us that is a monk or a mystic. We yearn for perfect peace yet live our lives far removed from traditional monasteries, yet most of us would not want to give up our personal and spiritual freedom to join monastic life. We seek wholeness but realize that wholeness is not possible without sacredness. Sacred life takes root in solitude, in the time we take to develop a relationship with our inner life, in the kind of setting a monastery would offer. O.SS.T. speaks to the monk or mystic within us. It affirms our place in the sacred silence of solitude and inner reflection, showing how even everyday life is filled with opportunities to live fully in the world, as if it were a holy monastery. Here we learn to live within the limits as well as the spirit of everyday life, how to appreciate our most human self as the path to explore the divine. How we encounter a world that is clearly available to us, a world filled with nothing less than the gift of sacred silence within the monastery without walls.

One of O.SS.T.’s defining characteristics is that we are a Marianist Order living our lives according to Benedictine spirituality. In ways both obvious and subtle, Benedictine spirituality permeates all that we do. As “A Monastery without Walls” we are a disbursed non-cloistered religious community who don’t live in monasteries, yet have learned to incorporate aspects of Benedictine spirituality and the Benedictine wisdom tradition into our lives. The calling is in each of us. Our lives are only different in form, not in substance. We need at least one foot or one hand into something sacred! Life must have purpose and real joy. The monastery without walls for each of us may look different but every monastery of the heart has much in common.

Drawing from the Benedictine Tradition our core values animate the life of Benedictines – love, prayer, stability, conversatio, obedience, discipline, humility, stewardship, hospitality and community. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but rather an invitation to “listen with the ear of our heart” to what God is calling and asking us to be no matter if we live in a monastery or not.

Totus Tuus

Dom ++Robert, O.SS.T.

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Claremont Graduate University Ph.D. Program in Political Science

The Most Reverend Russell Dean Lee, O.SS.T. has received his Official Letter of Acceptance into the Ph.D. Program in Political Science at Claremont Graduate University in Clarement, California!

Amongst numerous other degrees, Bishop +Russ most recently completed his Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling (MA) from Liberty University in 2022 and is currently working on another Doctoral Program at Liberty and will be transferring to Claremont beginning with this year's fall semester.

Congratulations Bishop +Russ!


The "Benedictines of Mary, Old Catholic Marianists" have been dedicated to Our Lady from the very beginning of our Order. She is our life, our sweetness, and our hope.

She is bride, she is Mother, she is Queen, and none of these has passed from the present into mere memory.